Silicone Open Pour Molds

Silicone molds are the original molds made for hand pouring and LureCraft has the LARGEST SELECTION OF HAND POUR MOLDS IN THE WORLD. With over 1100 silicone molds, you are sure to find one that you can't pass up! LureCraft does not discontinue a mold unless we find it has a patent on it that we didn't know it had prior to making it so some of the baits are from over 45 years ago. ALL silicone molds are open pour molds and will have a flat area on them where the plastic is poured in. This does not hurt the function of the bait it is all personal preference of the bait maker and person fishing them. On silicone molds, measurements are taken from the "head" of the bait to the bend in the tail of the bait (if there is a bend).